Dee Densmore-D’Amico

Illustrator / Artist
Diamond and her friends on the Working Like a Dog web site have been created by the amazing Dee Densmore-D’Amico. Through her work, Dee has been spot on translating Diamond from the real life bundle of fur to enchanting images that are the heart and soul of the Working Like a Dog brand. Like the dogs she creates, Dee has the agility of a Border Collie with pen and ink. Simply stated in black and white, she is a treasure beyond measure, as an illustrator and now friend.

You may reach Dee here:

online portfolio:
studio phone: (315) 682.3235

Jennifer Holland

Brand Strategist / Creative Director
We can’t speak highly enough of Jennifer Holland and her talented team at Holland Creative. What began as a concept and a dream is now better than a day at the dog park and a new squeaky toy combined. Not only is Jennifer creative, she knows the right people to get the job done on time and on budget.

She doesn’t just meet expectations; with the tenacity of a terrier, she and her team consistently exceed them. Her office is one of our very favorite Dog Spots. You may contact Jennifer on her web site

Jay Huling

Copywriter / Word Polisher
We were lucky dogs when Jay Huling, copywriter, word polisher and all-around paragraph magician added his talents to our new web site. With his talents he captured the essence of Working Like a Dog and helped put out the welcome mat for our site’s visitors. A man of many words, Jay can turn coal into diamonds and engage readers. For that we are extremely grateful.

You can contact Jay by visiting his web site  While you’re there, sign up for his free monthly e-zine, The Huling Letter.  It’s always filled with free marketing tips and advice.

Kenny Harper

Web Designer / Developer
When it comes to bringing a web site from concept to reality, Kenny Harper is Working Like a Dog’s go-to-guy. With his can-do attitude and passion for design and web, we found Kenny to be a real gem. With his extensive knowledge of today’s social media and SEO, Kenny is brilliantly helping us reach the people we enjoy the most: dog people. We call him Superman; you may prefer to just call him Kenny. Either way, you can contact him on his web site

Rain Hummingbird

Animal Communication
Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to spend an hour in Rain Hummingbird’s company. Her thoughtful insights brought clarity not only to my relationship with my beloved dog Diamond, but also gave me a personal peace that had been just out of reach. Rain connects on so many levels, and it was interesting to see my busy, busy, Diamond settle down so quickly and easily. She adored Rain, who recognized a need in Diamond that we have been meeting since our session, and Diamond is more joyful than ever.

What surprised and delighted me was the way Rain also helped me to unleash myself to the possibilities of the future, and I now greet each day with almost the same enthusiasm that Diamond does.

If you are looking for a way to connect with yourself and your dog, we highly recommend Rain, who does the majority of her work by phone. To learn more about Rain’s work, visit her website at, call (828) 337-4686, or e-mail

Camp Unleashed

I have a real “bucket list”, from the movie of the same name. So far I’ve been skydiving, ridden in a helicopter through the Grand Canyon, swam with “Mickey” and “Bud” (not their real names), the dolphins at Busch Gardens, and have assisted in an operating room during the C-section birth of a litter of puppies.

Diamond and I experienced Camp Unleashed in Asheville, North Carolina. Participating in Camp Unleashed was another item on the list. It was something that called to me, and I am so glad that it did.During the 4-day weekend retreat to the beautiful relaxing countryside, we enjoyed the company of other dogs and dog lovers. I found myself being as unleashed as well as Diamond and our bond is closer than ever.

Camp Unleashed is a unique opportunity to immerse your dog in nature, celebrate the full free expression of dogness, see the world through your dog’s eyes and learn to think like a dog!  Our mission is to give dogs more freedom to be themselves and explore and enrich the relationship between our species.  The daily schedule at Camp Unleashed is organized to keep the dogs active and participatory while being fun, relaxing and educational for their people.  Presentations and workshops teach campers how to take the best care of their dog.  Sports and athletic activities led by experts engage the dogs and help campers understand how to maximize their dog’s abilities. Participation in activities is optional, and some campers may choose to simply relax by the lake with their dogs.

Campers say that being with their dog in nature in a pack, with the freedom to be off the leash is a transformative experience for both the dogs and their people. The Camp Unleashed philosophy, presenters, staff and programs build trust, deepen respect, improve skills, and reduce stress for both species.  Some people even say it’s the best vacation they’ve ever had!

Check out the Camp Unleashed web site at