Humpty D

Monday, October 18th, 2010 | Blog

After taking a few camera shots of Diamond with the plywood letter, D for disaster strikes.

A breeze sends the light plywood D into Diamond. She wasn’t hurt, scared, but she was annoyed. So that is how our trip to dog camp started.

Have you ever imagined going to camp with your dog, and ruffing it? It was on my bucket list and a gift from my adopted father made it a reality.

My first entry in my journal was “no air conditioning, no internet, no kidding”

And the fear that Diamond unleashed meant a Diamond on the run, well, that came true, too.

The introduction before the grand unleashing said the dogs that left their person usually headed towards their car (on it’s way with the ChauFur to another city), or towards the cabin. What direction do you think that Diamond headed. Here’s a clue…she didn’t head to either the car, no longer there, or to the cabin.

The story continues tomorrow.

"I didn't listen to the instructions before the grand unleashing, so I found a couple of friends and we headed to..."
— Diamond —

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