Buy your dog a snowstorm for a quarter

Thursday, January 13th, 2011 | Blog

Snow has been making headlines. There is a snowstorm in the bedroom that shared with Diamond. Well, it’s not actual snow, but it looks like a blizzard left some mounds of the white fluffy stuff  behind on the comforter.

Actually, it’s from a toy purchased especially for her at a thrift store. A quarter really can buy your dog about an hour or so of delight.

In another lifetime, before she was a princess, Diamond must have been a skilled surgeon. After removing any of the parts that aren’t safe, Doctor Diamond gets her treasure, or latest patient. She’s a shredder. Using her teeth like a scalpel, she deftly slices an incision that gives her teeth easy access to remove the offending stuffing.

Before long she is surrounded by mounds of white fluff. And satisfied with her work, she snuggles among it and takes a quick nap.

There are a few ground rules…

Pick the best quality plush that your local thrift store has to offer, the clean ones without removable eyes or other parts are the best. This is not a leave-this-toy-with-your-dog-and-go-for-a-quick-jaunt-to-the-mall kind of toy. This is a supervised activity.

Pretend you’re in the gallery of the operating room watching a skilled medical procedure. Plus not only will your dog have fun for that quarter, you will, too.

Once the devastation is complete, remove all traces of the fun and put it out of your dog’s reach. The good news is that you won’t need a shovel.


"New toys always equal joy."
— Diamond —

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